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Introduction to python in 2020

python is a high level, interpreted, general purpose programming language. i have given the introduction of python, the main software build using the Python, the advantages pros using the python, main areas in which Python is used. Difference between the compiler and interpreter language.

simple operation on python:

Simple operation on PYTHON

Generally following operation can be performed by the python:

  1. Addition (+)

  2. Subtraction(-)

  3. Multiplication(*)

  4. Division(/)

  5. Modulus(%)

let study the operation in details:

  1. Addition:

Bascially addition means adding up two number.Following operation can be performed in two manner

  • By adding it directly.

  1. write the two number to be add
  2. output will be given.

so the output will be shown:

  • By writing a code.

  1. open IDLE
  2. click on the file.
  3. click on NEW.
  4. write the required code.
  5. output will b shown.


this is the required code

The run the following code:


hence in this way both program can performed.

  2. Subtraction:

In python (-) symbol represent subtraction.

basically subtraction means subtracting two number

this can be performed in two manner

  • by subtracting directly :
  1. first we will open idle
  2. type the number you want to subtract.
  3. finally it will show you the output.


  • by writing code
  1. first we will open idle.
  2. then click on file.
  3. click on new file.
  4. type the required code their.
  5. then press RUN
  6. output will be shown.


3. Multiplication:

In python (*) asterisk symbol is used to perform multiplcation.

there are two ways to multiply the number in IDLE software.

  • By multiplying them directly.
  1. first write the number that you have to multiply.
  2. the required output will be shown.


  • By writing code.
  1. Open the IDLE.
  2. click on file.
  3. click on NEW.
  4. write the required code




In python (/) following symbol is used to perform division.

there are two ways to perform division.

  • By directly dividing the number.
  1. OPen IDLE.
  2. then type the number you want to divide
  3. output will be shown.

  • By writing the code:
  1. Open IDLE.
  2. click on NEW.
  3. type the required code.
  4. the output will be shown.






firstly what is modulus is the remainder when in number id divided.

it’s a whole number.

for example


hence 1 is modulus here

In python (%) following symbol is used to do the program.

there are two ways to perform the following function.

  •  By direct method
  • By writing code


  1. Direct method :
  • in this method we write the number directly on IDLE screen
  • like given below…



  1. CODE method:
  • In this method we have to first Open IDLE.
  • Then click on file
  • click NEW
  • write the required code
  • output will be shown.







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