Table of Multiplication for Two

In this program how to print Table of Two and in different types of loops first we use for loop for printing the Table of Two : Input : Table of Two : 2 Output : 2 * 1 :  2 2 * 2 :  4 2 * 3 :  6 2 * 4 :  … Read more

How the post increment (i++) is different from pre increment (++i) operators in Java?

Here In this tutorial, we will learn How do the post increment (i++) and pre increment (++i) operators work in Java? In the case of post increment first, the value is used somewhere, and then the value this increase whereas in the case of pre increments, the value is updated first letter the latest value … Read more

When does python while loop execute infinitely? Python Programing

While a loop in python is a loop where we check the condition and then execute the set of code and the most important event comes is increments or decrements of the variable where the condition is checked, Most of the initiate loop runs when there are no increments or decrements. Loops in Pythons Loops … Read more

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