How Can I Pass An Array As Arguments To A Method With Variable Arguments In Java?

Here We will See Can I Pass An Array As Arguments To A Method With Variable Arguments In Java? As per the Answer Yes we can and for the same, we simply pass it as other variables.

Array As Arguments


The array is a data structure that stores mutable values in a continued memory location and we can access the elements of an array using their index numbers we can edit, Add, Modify, and delete any data stored in the form of the element.

The complexity of getting an element from an array is a simple constant that is O(1). Now lets know more about array and using it as an input.

Array As Argument

We pass an argument to give an input to the function and the input could be an array or simple variable it is not necessarily a simple variable it could be an array too. So let’s see with an example how it works.

public class Main
    //method to print an array, taking array as an argument   
    private static void printArray(Integer[] intArray){
        System.out.println("Array contents printed through method:");
        //print individual elements of array using enhanced for loop
       for(Integer val: intArray)
          System.out.print(val + " ");
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        //integer array
            Integer[] intArray = {10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80};
         //call printArray method by passing intArray as an argument        
         printArray( intArray);

Here we can see an array is being passed as an argument and used as an input and then we can use it as we want.

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