How Immutable Is Different from Mutable Types, In python Programming

Mutable are those which could be edited after it is defined for example list whose elements can be edited even after defining, whereas in case of immutable we can not edit them for example String. What is Mutable? Mutuable are those data Types that can be edited after Declaration For example once a datatype is … Read more

Sorting in python

Sorting in python

Sorting in python Sorting means arranging a large number of values in a specific order such as ascending and descending, alphabetical, distance, etc. Python provides built-in functions that offer powerful features to do basic sorting or customize ordering at a smooth level. Python has a built-in sort() list method that modifies it in-place and a sorted() … Read more

Linked List Program in Python – Create Linked List, Add Node, Iterrate and Print Data

Lets try to create Linked List in Python as part of out Data structure Tutorial. Problem Statement  Create Linked List Basic Program in Python. Solution Lets understand the Very basic about Linked List – Linked List are dynamic array type data structure where nodes and allocated on the fly i.e. dynamically and address/link or next … Read more

MergeSort: Divide and Conquer Routine for Sorting in Python

In Algorithmic thinking, Divide and Conquer Paradigm is widely applicable to problem solving. As the name says, Divide and Conquer approach works by dividing a large problem recursively into small tractable sub-problems which can be solved with ease and then the solutions are then combined to the actual problem at hand. Enough verbosity, in this … Read more

Diagonal Traversal of Binary Tree – Print Data Diagonally ( Algorithm with Java Code )

Objective :  We are given a binary tree we need to print the data of tree diagonally , it is also know as Diagonal Tree Traversal. Sample Input : Let us consider the below tree 1 3           2 6.   8  5.          4 9    7     Out Put :  We … Read more

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