Is it better to learn R-Programing or Python?

In this tutorial, we will draw some differences between R-Programing¬†and Python which could be better to use because both languages are very popular programming languages that are used for data mining or data analysis to handle big data, And the choice depends totally upon the requirements and performance we need. Here we will see the … Read more

How to Inherit The Properties Of One Class To Another Class In Java?

We will learn How to Inherit The Properties Of One Class To Another Class In Java? where one class inherited the property of another using the keyword Extends which inherited all the properties of the parent class to the child class. Inheritance Just like its literal meaning inheritance means getting the properties of one(Parents) to … Read more

What is Object Oriented Programming And How Is It Better then Procedural Programming?

Today we will discuss Why Java Is Called As Object Oriented Programming? As Java deals with Classes and their Objects and has a number of concepts like Polymorphism, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Encapsulation which are called OPPs concepts. Object Oriented Programming There are a number of advantages of Object-oriented programming which are not there in procedural … Read more

List | How Do I Get The Last Element Of A List?

In This tutorial, we will learn How do get the last element of a list there are four ways to do so slicing, using for Loop, using pop, and using negative indexing. So let’s discuss each with an example. List In Python There are different ways to get the last element of the list Using … Read more

What Are Ternary Conditional Operator In Python?

In this tutorial, we will learn What Are Ternary Conditional Operators In Python where ternary operators are conditional operators which deal with if – else conditions in a single line with all the statements to be executed when if the condition is true or false Ternary Operators They are the operator used as if else, … Read more

Dictionary | How To Change The Name Of A Key In Dictionary?

In this tutorial, we will learn How to Change the name of a key in the dictionary where the dictionary stores the data in the form of key value pair and to rename we simply use pop() to rename the old name with a new name. Dictionary In Python A dictionary in python is a … Read more

Integer | How do I check whether a variable is an integer?

Here in this tutorial, we will learn to check whether a variable is an integer, as it is required multiple times when we need to find whether we can perform numerical operations or not on given values, Or sometimes maybe need to convert the given value into an integer. Integer As we know to get … Read more

Python Tutorial – Understand Call By Reference | Detailed Guide with Examples

Here in this Python Tutorial, we will understand Call by reference function can be done even though passing the variable as a reference to give input to the function so that we can perform our operations on that variable in Python Programming. What Are Function In Python Functions are the set of a few lines … Read more

Some Basic Python List Programs-2

Some Basic List Programs

Python program to copy a list list1 = [9, 4, 10, 5] list2 = list(list1) print(“Original list: “,list1) print(“Copied list: “,list2) #Output: Original list: [9, 4, 10, 5] Copied list: [9, 4, 10, 5] The list() built-in method takes an iterable and creates a new list of its elements. Python program to concatenate multiple lists … Read more

Set Data Type in Python

Set Data Type in Python

Python Sets Mathematically a set is a collection of elements, not having any particular order. A Python set is an unordered collection of immutable and unique elements. As the set elements are usually not stored in order of appearance in the set, so there is no index attached to any element. Thus they do not … Read more

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