What Is The Difference MySQLi vs MySQL when using PHP

In this post, we will get to know the difference between MySQL vs MySQLi when using PHP where these are two different extensions in PHP used for connection to the working with MySQL database there are a number of differences in between them that we will discuss here one by one.



There are certain differences between them that we will discuss here which are as followed. one by one t learn more about them.

  1. API:( Application programming interface)  MySQL extension uses a procedural interface while MySQLi extension uses both procedural and object-oriented interfaces.
  2. Features: There are some featural differences between them as the MySQLi extension provides several additional features compared to the MySQL extension, including support for prepared statements, multiple statements, transactions, and support for multiple types of parameter binding.
  3. Performance: Asthere performance have some difference as MySQLi extension is generally considered faster and more efficient than MySQL extension because it supports prepared statements, which can be cached by the database server for faster execution.
  4. Security: If we talk about security as MySQLi extension provides better security features than the MySQL extension, including support for secure connections and the ability to use parameterized queries to prevent SQL injection attacks.
  5. Compatibility: The MySQL extension is deprecated in PHP 5.5.0 and removed in PHP 7.0.0, whereas the MySQLi extension is the recommended extension for working with MySQL in PHP.

Here we have taken extensions as examples for both of them to make some more difference and draw a clear line between their characteristics.

So For MySQL extension follow the code or command below here.

$link = mysql_connect(' localhost', 'user', 'password');
mysql_select_db(' database_name', $link);

And for MySQLi here is an example for understanding it better.

$link = mysqli_connect(' localhost', 'user', 'password', 'database_name');

Here by looking at the example of both, we can draw some conclusions which are As you can see, the syntax for connecting to a MySQL database is slightly different between the two extensions, with the MySQLi extension providing a more concise and readable syntax. Additionally, the MySQLi extension allows for more advanced features like prepared statements and transactions, making it a more powerful tool for working with MySQL databases in PHP.



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