Difference Between Filter And Filter_By In SQL Alchemy

In this post, we will learn the difference between filter and filter_by in SQLAlchemy are the methods for filtering the data we have but both have different uses and syntax.  where the filter is used for filtering the records on the basis of the given multiple conditions and in the case of the filter it is issued for shorthand for filtering different records which are purely based on one or more columns.

Filter vs Filter by

Filter Vs Filter_by

As we know the filter is used for getting records of all the data by providing some conditions which need to be satisfied for fitting in and returning and there we provide the conditions for the syntax just following the given code.

newone. filter( condition1, condition2, ...)

Here we can provide the conditions in condition and condition 2 and so one for example, have a look at the example given below and understand and implement as per our requirement and use it in your project.

from myapp.models import User
from sqlalchemy.orm import Session

session = Session()

users = session.query( User).filter( User.age > 30).all()

In the example given above where we have a session and we have applied a condition as age is greater than 30 so all the record which falls in this condition are selected and stored in another variable named as users Here we can even print these records which fall in this condition but here we simply left it as it i.

And if we talk about filter by which is also used for filtering the records but it is a bit different from that filter it is shorthand for filtering the records which are simply based on the values of the columns we have selected to understand it and implement in your project.

users = session.query(User).filter_by(name='John').all()

Here we can see how the dictionary ‘abcd’ have key-value pairs and we filtered by the key values pair so the output will be as the columns which have the same value as it is given.

Here we need to keep a few things in mind that are filtered by could only access the data of only those columns which are directly accessible.





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