Difference Between Python3 And Python2.

In this tutorial, we will learn the difference between Python2 And Python3 where Python 3 is the next generation of python which have certain advanced features and we will discuss here all the possible changes that are made in python 3 which were not there in python2.



There are a number of difference are there in python3 and python2 that we will discuss one by one on different basis. like python2 was launched in 2000 where as python was released in 2008. and python2 has more complex and difficult to interpret as compare to latest version.

Python2 was having slow performance because of design flow. and there we different ways to print the output that we will see in the example given below

print “Welcome to Datacamp”              # Python 2
print (“Welcome to Datacamp”)             # Python3

and in python2 if we try to print integer values with decimal points it was used to truncate all the digits after decimal whereas in the case of python 3 it will print all float values and the complete value will be printed.

One of the major differences between them was that python2 used ASCII characters to store unicode values whereas in the case of python3, it uses string to do the same thing which makes it faster.

However, we can port python2 into python3 but the reverse of it is not possible so we can not convert python3 into python2. As there are many more libraries in python3 in addition to all the libraries of python2. That means so many libraries are being added in python3 which were not there in python2.


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