Does Python Have a Ternary Conditional Operator?

In this post, we will try to find out Does Python have a Ternary conditional operator as we know that ternary operators are another way to write the if else condition in a single line And yes, Python too supports it for the execution of the program. And here we have given an example to implement the same in python so follow the code given below to understand and learn more.


Ternary Operators

There is a specific syntax for executing the ternary operators which we have posted below which we can follow to get it done.

value_ if_ true if condition else value_ if_ false

And we have given an example below where we have given conditions and executed them.  where ‘condition’ is the actual condition we are dealing with where it is evaluated as either true or false as if the condition is true the true value will be assigned otherwise the false value will be assigned, To understand the concept better we has first given an example using traditional if else condition and corresponding to it we have implemented the same program using this operator later.

Take an example of the code given below.

# using if-else statement
x = 10
if x > 5:
    result = "x is greater than 5"
    result = "x is less than or equal to 5"

# using ternary operator
x = 10
result = "x is greater than 5" if x > 5 else "x is less than or equal to 5"

Here we have taken an example where we need to evaluate the value of a variable s and compare it with 5 and as per the value of x we need to print the output as per the condition is true, As if the condition is true that is if it is greater it will print greater and else it will print less then equals after execution.

To implement the same using it we can simply write the conditional statements and the whole of the story in just a single one which we have written below and could be implemented as it is.

x is greater than 5





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