MySQL | How Can I Get A list Of User Accounts in MySQL?

In this Tutorial, we will discuss How Can I Get A list Of User Accounts in MySQL As we know to display anything in SQL we use the select command, and here also we will use the same command.


Select Command in MySQL

Select is a command which is used for displaying the data in the form of tables in MySQL where we use it with some clause and try to get the data of our desired only instate of displaying the whole data as a full table.

We use different clauses like where, group by order by, and, in, between, or, etc. which are used for limiting the result and we get what exactly we want means being specific as tables in MySQL store a large data, and if we keep on displaying the same data the main desired data will be lost somewhere.

In fact to display the whole data we use the ‘*’. Select command is very useful command as it is a key command which displays the data. Now let’s understand it in better manner with some examples.

Way to Display all the user Accounts.

To display all the user accounts we have a query to learn to look at the example given below.

SELECT User, Host FROM mysql.user;

It will give the list of all the users of the database. Here User column will contain all the usernames of the users of that particular database which is being used just now.

Here the host tab will be containing the IP address of the user who has used the database or we can say from where they access the databases.


To Learn More about MySQL | How Can I Get A list Of User Accounts in MySQL Get the list of all the users of a particular database.

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