How Can I Properly Compare Two Integers In Java?

In this article, we will learn How can I properly compare two Integers in Java? As we know two integers can be compared in many ways to get the relation between two integers.

Different Ways To Compare Two Integers

Compare Two Integers There are different ways to compare two integers and get the relation between two integers we can get which out of two is greater and which is less or whether both are equal and even we can get the output in terms of True or False.

In Java, we need to compare two integers at different places in the case of loops these comparisons decide how many times the loop will execute, and each time it compares the updated integer with a fixed integer.

even in conditional operations also we compare tp Integers so let’s discuss different ways to do so.

.equls() In Build Function

.eequls is an in-build function that gives the result in Boolean as true or false. In fact, we can compare two strings using this in the build function. If two strings are given a match the results come out to be true otherwise it returns false.

Integer x = 10;
Integer y = 10;
if (x.equals(y)

Here we can see how x and y are compared and it will return as true as x and y have the same value.

<,>,==,<=,>= Operators

As discussed earlier we could compare two integers using operators in java generally we compare two integers when have to take any binary decision or we can say to check the status of execution let’s take some examples to understand better.

Integer a = 5;
Integer b = 5;

if (a < b)
else System.out.println(x == y);

Here we can say that we are comparing twice, first, it will check whether is it less than the, and else it will print a boolean value either true or false.



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