How Do I Remove/Delete Folders That Are Not Empty?

In this post, we will learn How to remove/delete the folders that are not empty where we can use the rmtree function which is defined in the module called ‘shutil’ which is used for deleting the folder given at any particular location.


Deleting Folders

As we know we can delete the as a whole and the constant in these folders so we have the choice to delete the thing here we will try both of the ways where first we will see how we can delete as whole folders and the code for the same is given below.

import shutil

folder_path = '/path/to/folder'

# Delete folder and its contents
shutil.rmtree( folder_path)

Here we need to specify the path of our local machine where we can delete the folder by simply executing the code above.

As we discussed we can also delete the whole data inside the folders or we can say make the folders of size zero by deleting the whole data in it for the same we have given an example of code to perform and execute so that it would be implemented and the task is done on its own.

Where we are going to use the os module and from there we will use the in built function to perform the actions.

import os

folder_path = '/path/to/folder'

# Delete contents of the folder
for filename in os.listdir(folder_path):
    file_path = os.path.join(folder_path, filename)
        if os. path. isfile ( file_path) or os. link( file_path):
            os.unlink( file_path)
        elif os. path.isdir( file_path):
    except Exception as e:
        print( f'Failed to delete {file_path}. Reason: {e}')

We can also go with only If you need to delete a folder that is write-protected or contains read-only files, you can use the os.chmod() function to change the permissions on the folder before deleting it.

Here in this process, we need to keep certain things in mind which are Note that this code only deletes the files and subdirectories in the specified folder, but not the folder itself. If you also want to delete the folder itself, you can use os. rmdir() after deleting all of its contents.


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