How To Create A Table In New Database.

In this tutorial, we will learn How To Create A Table In New Database where we use DDL Data definition language to create the table using create table clause and by providing the name of the column along with the data type that we want to store in that w=and the size of what that column would be storing the data.

All the things are predefined and need to provide during the creation of the table as it is a Structural Query language where everything is structured and designed just before entering the data into it so we need to provide al the information before ending the data.



Create The Table

For creating the table in MySQL in a database we need to have a database beforehand as tables are stored in databases and if we do not have a database before then create a database first.

After that, we create a structure of a table we is going to store the data as of the data parameters we set during the creation of the table so we need to create the table very carefully with keeping all the future expected in mind so that we do not face any complications in the table and entering the data later.

To Understand how it is being created just follow the query given below and keep learning.

CREATE TABLE employees (
   name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
   salary DECIMAL(10,2)

In the above example where we created the table named an employee along with three columns find, name, and salary where id is int and also a parameter as primary key, Second column is Name with the name Name and data types as varchar and it must not greater than 50 words as per declared.

Along with a maximum size of 50, it has a parameter also is not null which means it cannot be null in any condition, And third column is declared Decimal as the data type, and that too up to ten figures, and in edition two decimal points.

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