How To Get The Return Value From A Thread?

In this post, we will learn How to get the return value from a thread which we can do using the join() method for waiting for a thread to get executed and getthe value as a variable which we have nicely explained below.


Returning The Thread

Here to learn more about the concept and get an example to implement the same we have given an example below.

import threading

def my_function():
    return "Hello This the thread we want!"

# Create a thread to run my_function()
my_thread = threading.Thread( target= my_function)

# Start the thread

# Wait for the thread to complete and get the required value
result = my_thread.join()

# Print the get the value
print( result)

Here in the example given above, we have a function ‘my function’ which is giving a string message ” Hello This the thread we want” as a result, And letter we simply created a thread function from the threading module of name ‘threading. thread And passed the function we created as a target. After that, we moved to start the thread using the start() function which has the property to lunch the run() method of the thread.

After that, we have to wait to get the thread executed using the join() method which has a simple meaning that is to block the thread to complete it. And after that, we simply access the value which is given by the function by calling the function.

We need to keep in mind that we can also do the same thing using the concurrent .future module too, Which has a certain high level interface to work with threads, Processes, and asynchronous tasks the implementation of the same is given below to understand the things better and get it done in our projects.

import concurrent.futures

def my_function():
    return "Hello This the thread we want!"

# Create a thread pool with one worker
concurrent. futures.ThreadPoolExecutor( max_workers=1) as executor:
    # Submit the function to the thread pool
    future = executor.submit( my_function)
    # Wait for the function to complete and get the return value
    result = future. result()

# Print the required value
print( result)

The task of this is also coming but it uses a different approach to do the same task by using a different module.



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