How To Import Data From MongoDB To Pandas?

In this post, we will learn How to Import data from mongodb to pandas where we can connect the mongoDB with the library to get the datagram for the same we have given an example below.


Import Data Frame

Here we have given an example to get the data frame of our choice where we can get the data from any predefined or already stored data storage and to implement the same we have given an example below to understand it better along with code.

import pandas as pd
from pymongo import MongoClient

# Connect to MongoDB
client = MongoClient(' localhost', 27017)
db = client[' mydatabase']
collection = db[' mycollection']

# Retrieve data from MongoDB
data = collection. find()

# Convert data to a DataFrame
df = pd.DataFrame( list( data))

# Print the DataFrame
print( df.head())

In the example given above where we first get all the required modules like libraries and pymongo And for the most important step of connecting the mongoDB with the server we simply used the mongo client and get the data from the collection by simply using find() method.

And for converting the data frame as per our choice and for printing the top few of the row we simply use the head() method.

As when we use the same datagram we need to keep certain things in mind which might not be required here as data cleaning, which includes the removal of unwanted data or the data which we actually do not want and we simply remove the outliers which we do not require.

And after clearing of data, we can go for querying the data where we use pymongo for querying the data in mongoDB before getting it.

And after that, we have a performance and authentication where we simply play with the data date frame that we imported whereas authentication means providing the required credentials as usernames and passwords for that we could make sure the security of the databases and the information we stored.



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