How to Manage-Databases and Collections in MongoDB

In this tutorial, we will learn How to manage-databases and collections in MongoDB where we need to follow a certain methodology to use and manage the database in MongoDB which completely store data in the form of collections and documents.

We will see how we can use and manage MongoDB from installing to creating collections and driving the collections after the use and we no longer have use of it. For the same, we simply need to follow the procedure given below.




To manage the database in MongoDB we need to first have the setup and which needs to be connected to the server. We will follow all the steps by which we can install and manage the database and along with that we can use it.

  1. Installation of MongoDB is the step to use the database or manage MongoDB as it is not inbuilt we need to download it from the official website of MongoDB.
  2. Now we need to start the server of MongoDB for the same, we need to run a command on cmd as “mongod” which would start the server of mongoDB and then to use that server.
  3. Now, the Next step is to connect the server which also we have to complete through cmd as “mongo” it will help in connecting the server to MongoDB.
  4. As per the flow, we have next step is creating a new database to store anything we need simply a database is needed and here we created by simply following the steps given and giving the name of the database of our choice then we have to start using it by simple command use database_name and here database_name is the name of the database we create earlier or it might be the database already created.
  5. Now here comes the work of entering the data in the database in the form of collections and for the same we need to create a collection that we can perform as db. create collection(‘ collection name) and here.
  6. And for entering the data in the collection created we simply need to enter as per our choice and to enter the data we just need to enter db. collection name. insert( data) in the command where at the place of data we have to enter the data that we want to store in that collection.

The entered data can be updated, Deleted, and added as per requirements and all these can be done in just a single command which could be specified by the query as per our choice. In fact we can also delete the database as whole in just one command.


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