How Do I Protect Python Code From Being Read By Users?

In this post, we will learn How to protect Python code from being read by users although there is no such thing exist in Python as it is an interpreter language where we can hide the code but there always a number of measures we can take to avoid any problems created but to code visibility.


Different Ways to Protect Python Code

As there are different ways we can save our code and not disclose it to the user which I have listed below where we can easily find how we can do so.


It is a process where we made the code harder to read it does not mean to make the code or algorithm complex rather simply makes the presentation harder so a normal person could not get it and make any changes.

Bytecode Compilation

It is also a way to make the given codes bytecode whose simple motive is to avoid the human understanding of the code and now only the machine could understand it what it could have been written.

Code Encryption

As the name indicate we can use a certain key to encrypt the code where we are simply making the code in such a way that it would not be understandable to the outsider.

Distribution as binary

We can also distribute the code as a binary executable instead of in the normal form of Python code which we could perform using certain tools like pyInstaller, and cx_Freexe.


As when we publish our code we got a license and we can always add that licensing to the code so that no one can make cpy to it.

Code Signing

It is a simple way to make our code as private as we can add a digital sign at the end of the code so that people code to understand that this belongs to you.

Network-based security

If the execution of the code is on any network we can use the network security to maintain the integrity of the code which is required as of now.



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