How to reset AUTO INCREMENT in MySQL?

In this tutorial, we will learn How to reset AUTO INCREMENT in MySQL where we can set the Auto_Increment =1 which means turning on the auto increment So that the values will be incremented by their own when we add a new row in the table to understand it follows the explaining given below.



AUTO INCREMENT means increasing the value of a column by one as soon as we add a new row to the table or we can say when we add a new record in the table the serial number needs to increment by one automatically.

It can be used at different places like Serial numbers where a separate column will be created which will keep on updating the value whenever we enter any new record.

Sometimes We need to increase the roll number or a serial number of entries automatically when we add a new record as saves time to put the updated number every time to avoid it we can go with auto- increment which does the same work but it does start working from zero. First, we need to start the counting so that we can get updated on the basis of a given value.

To understand better follow the example given below.


Here we use alter command to perform the auto- increment these are DDL command which deals with the definition of data where we can manipulate the data definition and set any record name by updating.

This feature in SQL is being used when we are sort of sure that this quantity will surely increase as we add a new record and we do not want to update it time and again as it will be updated as per a set pattern and by just one.

For example, we need to record the serial number at which any entry is done in a building or any office. in such cases we simply need to update the number of count eax]ch time by one and we do want to increase it manually each time.

As it is obvious that it will definitely be increased. Moreover as it will definitely be increasing we can draw the conclusion that it will never be null and there would not be any duplicate values as it will change every time any new record is entered.

So due to its’s these properties we generally describe the primary key as auto increment as it will never be null and it will hold always unique values. In a similar way, we can also provide auto increment to make sure that the total count at every single entry reduces human error.

As it reduces human error as it does not required any human interfarance

To learn more about How to reset AUTO INCREMENT in MySQL at MySQL Alter Command to set the auto increment to a key.


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