How To Reverse A String In Python?

Here we will discuss How to reverse a string in Python? reversing the String can be done using a number of ways like using reverse in the build function, and even by using Slicing to get the String in a reverse manner.

Different Ways To Reverese The String

Reverse a string in Python As we know at times we need to reverse the given string to perform certain actions on the given string, for the same, There are different ways to reverse the given String.

Reverse a string is making their indexes from end to start and start to end which is used for extracting a piece of useful information from a given string as per our requirements.


Use of in Build Function Reverse

We can get the reversed string with the help of an in-build function reverse and get the desired value as per our requirements here is an example of the same with an explanation.


Here we can see clearly how a given string ‘a_string’ get reversed as “gnirts_a” which is simply an exact reverse of the original string.

Using Slicing Of String

We can also use slicing for getting the reverse string as slicing is also a tool to get the portion or entire string as per our requirement as we can get the trimmed, A section of string state forward.

Let’s understand using a very popular example:-

'a string'[::-1]
'gnirts a'

As we can see in the example how hopping -1 will give the result as the reverse of the string.

As we already discussed slicing simply display a substring of whole string or cropped string, But in reality we can not edit a string in Python as String is immutable value, Which means it will remain as it was during declaration we can only use slicing to display a special substring from original String.

Note: Similar steps can be followed for reversing the List which you can find at: Getting the reversed string using slicing and different other operations on List/ String of Slicing

And learn more about reverse String:


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