Introduction to MongoDB Database Tools & Utilities

In this tutorial, we will learn Introduction to MongoDB Database Tools & Utilities where we will get to know more about different commands of MongoDB and how it is used for storing the data in the form of a database.



There are different commands which we use for better use of MongoDB and here we will discuss some of those commands here which are basics and very usefull.


It is a command line that provides an interface for the interaction of the user with MongoDB where in Mongo shell we execute the MongoDB commands to execute certain tasks and actions.


It is also a utility in MongoDB which used for getting all the statistics related to the database which might include memory usage, network, traffic, and different other performance matrixes which might be proven useful to regulate the usages and properties of the task which are taking more execution usages.


Mongodump and mongorestore are also two useful utilities that helps in creating some backups and restoring the database


It is used for getting the time taken by the processor or mongoDB to access the data or we can say read or write the data into databases.

Import And Export

These are two very useful utilities where we can import or export the data to and from the database as sometimes we might require some data to import as per requirements and at the end when we have done with adding the data we might require to export the file.

At that time we can export the whole database as per any file format we want for the same we use mongoimport and mongoexport as terms to perform the same.


It is a utility that provides support to the user to use the file inside the database where we use the file data as per our choice and may continue working on the same database and the data could be from some different files.


These were very few Tools and utilities of MongoDB which are very basics and essential to use MongoDB and we can always learn more tools and utilities of MongoDB by simply visiting: MongoDB essential tools and utilities which we can use.

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