Java Program to Reverse a Number

In this post you will learn basic java program that reverses the digits of a number and print the reversed number.


Here is the example of the problem –

Example 1:

Input : 5678
Output :8765

Example 2:


  • First, we find the remainder of the given number by using the modulo (%) operator.
  • Multiply the variable reverse by 10 and add the remainder into it.
  • Divide the number by 10.

There are three ways to reverse a number in java:

  • Reverse a number using while loop.
  • Reverse a number using for loop.
  • Reverse a number using recursion.

Approach 1 :  Reverse a number using loops

public class ReverseNumber   
public static void main(String[] args)   
int number = 12345, reverse = 0;  
while(number != 0)   
int remainder = number % 10;  
reverse = reverse * 10 + remainder;  
number = number/10;  
System.out.println("The reverse of the given number is: " + reverse);  


The reverse of the given number is: 54321

Approach 2 :  Reverse a number using recursion:

import java.util.Scanner;  
public class ReverseNumber 
//method for reverse a number  
public static void reverseNumber(int number)   
if (number < 10)   
//prints the same number if the number is less than 10  
System.out.print(number % 10);  
public static void main(String args[])  
System.out.print("Enter the number that you want to reverse: ");  
Scanner sc = new Scanner(;  
int num = sc.nextInt();  
System.out.print("The reverse of the given number is: ");  
//method calling  


Enter the number that you want to reverse: 1413
The reverse of the given number is: 3141

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