How Can I Make SQL Case-Sensitive String Comparison on MySQL?

In this post, we will discuss How to make SQL case-sensitive string comparisons on MySQL by default we know MySQL is case insensitive but we can always perform the case sensitive comparisons between two strings by using a collection that is case sensitive.



Case Sensitivity refers to the value of the upper case being different from that of the lower case For example, the collation pRakHaR is a case sensitive collation. You can use this collation to perform case sensitive string comparisons by specifying it in the collate clause of your query.

Although All programming languages are case sensitive whereas, in the case of MySQL, it is said to be Case insensitivity.

Here we have given an example for checking the string which is case sensitive.

FROM mytable
WHERE my column COLLATE utf8_bin = 'MyString' COLLATE utf8_bin;

In this example, my table is the table you want to search and my column is the column you want to compare against the string “MyString”. The COLLATE utf8_bin clause specifies that you want to use the utf8_bin collation, which is case sensitive.

Note that using a case sensitive collation can impact performance, especially if you’re working with a large amount of data. Additionally, it’s important to be consistent with the collation you use across your entire database to avoid unexpected results.

We can also perform the same thing using a binary operator which compares the string bytes by bytes.

FROM mytable
WHERE BINARY my column = 'MyString';

Here In this above given example, the Binary operator is used to perform the case sensitive comparison. The ‘my table’ and ‘my column’ is the same as in the previous example. The string “MyString” is compared byte-by-byte with the values in the ‘my column’.

Here there few things to note the Binary operator can also impact performance, especially when working with larger datasets. In Addition, it’s important to make sure that the character set and encoding of your data are compatible with the Binary operator, otherwise unexpected results may occur.



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