Does In MongoDB Field order And Document Position Change After Update

In this post, we will learn does MongoDB Field order and document position change after the update as the fields within the documents are not compulsorily in the same order as we want to keep on changing whenever when a document is updated as we update the fields are reordered and location may be changed for those also to which you did not update at all.


Field Positions In A Document On Updation

Whenever we update any of the documents the positions of every field go changed as it is not fixed in the case of MongoDB as it is non Structural Query Language in which nothing but the data in databases are stored in an unstructured way and in unstructured data could be stored in any of the condition or situation where the order did not mention at all in any of the situations so it might get changed on any of the disturbance.

And because of it, if we rely on the order of fields within a document for any reason, and that too in MongoDB, you should not assume that the order we entered the date is the order will be maintained or will be the same as we entered after an update. Instead, you should use the field names to access and update or later the data within the document we are working in.

And more above it is also kept in mind that there is nothing that the position of a document within a collection could be changed if it is updated in a way that it also affects its index keys if we had indexes in the collection. Take an example here, if we update a document and it’s index key values, it may move to a different position within the index. However, this should not affect the order of fields within the document itself.

At last i would like to add an important to note here that is the order of fields within a document may also be influenced by the way the document was originally created or inserted into the collection. Some MongoDB drivers or tools may insert fields in a specific order, while others may not. This can also affect the order of fields within a document.



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