How to Connect to Mongodb database server Locally and Remote

As per mongodb documentation, we can use the mongo command to access the database using below command –

Connect to mongodb database locally

$ mongo -u user1 -p password123 –authenticationDatabase admin

mongo -u user

Connect to mongodb database Remotely

To connect to mongo database remotely we need below steps –

1. you should have your host ip name in /etc/mongod.conf under bind ip –
# network interfaces
port: 27017

2. Open above port to have access from outside

– You can either try using firewall-cmd on redhat linux as follows

$ sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –add-port=27017/tcp –permanent
$ sudo firewall-cmd –reload

You can test it using telnet host_ip port

3. restart mongod service

sudo systemctl restart mongod

4. Now connect using the string provided example –

mongo -u <user-name> -p <user-password> <remote-server-IP-address>:<mongo-server-port>


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