PyCharm | How Do I Use Installed Packages in PyCharm?

In this tutorial, we will learn How to I use installed packages in PyCharm as pycharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) which is used for programming in Python language and to install it in your machine follow the steps given below which is step by step by step process from downloading to installing it in the machine.



As disused PyCharm is an IDE so for starting programming for any program in any language we need an ide (which provides an environment for developing the program and execution. To install it follow the steps given below and used it, and to install a new package and we will use it in an example here.

Step 1. Open the installed PyCharm here we assumed that you already installed the software PyCharm so we will directly go for installing a new package into it. And there go to “Setting” in the case of the window and in the case of Mac go to Preferences.

Step 2. There a new dialog box would be opened there or on the left-hand pane of the setting dialog there will be an option ‘project (The name of your project) there you need to select the option ‘python interpreter’.

Step 3. There on the right side of the pane Here, you could see a key as ‘+’ which we need to click for adding a new package where you could search for the name of the package by simply putting the name in the search bar and take an example of numpy which you might have installed before. from there select the package and install it in the program.

Now you installed the required package we need and we can simply import it to use it in our program for an example of using of a package follow the example given below where we have installed the numpy package and imported it to the program

import numpy

# use the numpy package
a = numpy. array([1, 2, 3])

As we know that we can use as many packages as we needed in our project so generally the package installation import is the first step to be done for any project to start as it helps in using the functionality of the package effectively.


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