Why is Reading lines From Stdin Much Slower in C++ Than Python?

In this post, we will learn Why is reading lines from stdin is much slower in C++ than in Python which might be because of a number of reasons like because of complexity, because of an interpreter, and might not optimization which we will discuss in this post here one by one.


Reading Lines

In Python, we can get the data or input from the user or use reading the line with the help of stdin which is said to be a bit slower when we talk about Cpp here we have listed all the possible reasons which could be responsible for making python stdin slower so let’s talk about those reasons.

Complexity of I/O

As when we try to read the data as input in Cpp using stdin, It uses the std::cin object that is involved is more complex as compared to that of python’s built function input() function. If we talk about stdin in Cpp where std::cin object is using much more buffering and formatting operations to handle different types of data, Which involve different data types like Integers, Floats, and different other primitive data types.

Interpreted Language

As we know python is an interpreted language which simply means python interpreter can optimize I/O operations to some extent. As the interpreter could make the best use of caching and some other optimizations to reduce the overhead of reading from ‘stdin’. Whereas if we talk about Cpp which is a compiled language that has its I/O operators that are slightly more coupled to the underlining systems Libraries, that can responsible for introducing some additional overheads.

Some Other Optimizations

As we have stdin in the case of Cpp which might not be Optimized properly where it might be performing much more slowly as compared to python as it is the latest and has functions for optimization. Take some examples of Cpp which is known for reading the input character by character whereas in case of python which is used for reading the input as a whole line at a time in just one go to make it quick and easy to read the data.



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