Some basic information about python

Before we actually start coding, here are some of the basic points to remember for starting to learn python.

Beta python

1.python is an interpreted language

Basically we give instructions to computers to do our task. The python will execute 1 instruction at a time e.g. the instruction executed by python.

Read: Instruction 1
Output of instruction 1
Read: Instruction 2
Output of instruction 2
Read: Instruction 3
Output of instruction 3
& So on.

Now some of you might be wondering, hey wait a minute we have to give 1 instruction then the python will execute it and then we will give the next Instruction and python will execute it? It is half true

Remeber at the above i told you that the python will execute 1 instruction at a time, yeah it’s true . but we can also give group the instructions and the python will execute it one by one (that is called script mode).

By the way, the name of software that executes our instruction in python is called the python interpreter. Interpreter executes the instructions one by one.


2. How to open python interpreter mode or interactive mode

After installing the python, let’s see some basic python commands in the python shell commands.

If you don’t install python, then you can check the article on how to install python on Android, iOS, Linux, windows and Mac OS from here.

First of all, of you’re on pc, then you can either launch python shell or simply type the python or python3  in the terminal or command prompt in Linux/mac and windows respectively.

Now the shell mode or interpreter mode will be opened and you cannot is the  >>> sign.

Interpreter mode in python


You can also open the interpreter / interactive mode in in pycharm. Open the pycharm and in the download you will see console mode with the >>> symbol.

Otherwise, you can also open the python IDLE that is the default python IDE.

But i will recommend you to use the python IDLE or the pycharm.


If you’re on Android or iOS app, then you can open the app and go to interpreter mode light shown in the the following image.

Interpreter mode in python Android


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