TODO | Some Functions Of Building A TODO in Python

In this tutorial, we will learn about Some functions of building a TODO in Python which could include certain options such as create, update, Delete, List to-dos for a specific day, and mark as completed. So To create the same follow the code and steps below and implement it.



It is a list that we generally create for making some targets and making sure to achieve them in a given time. For creating the same in python a piece of code is given below you may simply follow it and get it done.

This function should allow the user to add a task to the TODO list, with the option to specify a due date or other details. The task should be stored in a data structure such as a list, dictionary, or database.

Here this list means nothing but making or writing all the tasks which we need to complete as per the requirements

from flask import Flask, request, render_ template, redirect, url_ for
import datetime

app = Flask( __name__)

# Define a list to store the tasks
tasks = []

# Function to add a task
@app.route('/add', methods=[' POST'])
def add_ task():
    task = request. form[ 'task']
    due_date = request. form[ 'due_ date']
    priority = int( request. form[ 'priority'])
    tasks. append({'task': task, 'due_ date': due_ date, 'priority': priority, 'completed': False})
    return redirect (url_ for(' index'))

# Function to list all tasks
def index():
    return render_ template(' index.html', tasks= tasks)

# Function to complete a task
@app. route(' /complete /<int: index>')
def complete_ task( index):
    if index < len (tasks):
        tasks[ index][' completed'] = True
    return redirect(url_ for(' index'))

# Function to delete a task
@app. route ('/delete/ <int: index>')
def delete_ task( index):
    if index < len( tasks):
        del tasks[ index]
    return redirect( url_ for(' index'))

# Main program
if __name__ == '__main__':
    app. run( debug= True)

Here I have added a number of functions like add a task, index(), completed(), delete(), Task(), and edit() which could be updated at the point of time when it is required as per the time.

Here we can perform all the required tasks like search, save, edit set reminders and all of which could help in outskating this list from others and easily follow the secluded per our choice whenever we need.


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