What Is The Difference Between int And Integer In Java?

Here we will learn What Is The Difference Between int And Integer In Java? Where int is a primitive data type and Integer is a wrapper class that gives more flexibility in terms of converting from one form to another.

 int And Integer In Java

Primitive Data Types

They are the pre defined data types java that is already defined in java for example int, chat, float, long, etc. The name of primitive data types will always start with a lower case where as it is not the case with a wrapper class.

Wrapper Class

if we talk about a wrapper class it is a class that encapsulates types of data, which could result in being used for creating object instances and methods for another class.

Need Of Wrapper Class

As we know at times we need to convert a type of data into another type Like sometimes we need to convert a string into chars or integers, And it was not possible with primitive data types so here rises the need for a wrapper class.

Where we convert the data type into a class and we can typecast the objects from one form to another in this way we simply convert one type of data to another data type let’s understand it with an example.

public class Main {
    public static void main(String args[])
        Integer a = new Integer("123");
        // Casting not possible
        // int a = (int)"123";
        // Casting not possible
        // int c="123";
        // Casting possible using methods
        // from Integer Wrapper class
        int b = Integer.parseInt("123");
        System.out.print(a + new Float("10.1"));

As explained how an integer is taken as a String and a float and added ad float and returned as result after adding both it is how two different types of data are taken and perform the required actions and again converted to another form and printed.

Conversion Of Primitive Data Types To Wrapper Class

There are wrapper classes corresponding to each primitive data type so here is a list of all the primitive data types in the wrapper class.

   Primitive         Wrapper Class

  1. int                          Interger
  2. char                     Charecter
  3. byte                       Byte
  4. short                      Short
  5. long                      Integer
  6. float                        Float
  7. double                  Double
  8. boolean              Boolean


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