What Are The Differences Between Type() and Isinstance()?

In this post, we will learn What are the differences between Type() and isinstance() where they are used to keep a check on types of objects and they have some differences in them which we will discuss here.



It is a built in function that is used to get the data type of the object and to implement we have given an example of where we can execute it.

x = 42
print( type( x))  # Output: <class 'int'>

And here we can see it will result in to the exact data type of the variable which we are having as in the above case it is int. There is one thing to keep in mind here that is it deals with built in types and user-defined types, And we can get the data type of a single object unlike that of isinstance()  where it could use for checking if an object is an instance of a number of classes through passing a tuple of class.


As above we talk about the type which deals with the variable and tells the data type of the variable whereas if we talk about it, it deals with objects an and returns only true or false which means it is only used for checking where we check whether the given object is an instance of a given object or not and that need a result only in true and false.

And we can also use it for checking whether the given object is an instance of one class or multiple classes by passing a tuple of classes.

To understand both types simply follow the example given below and implement your project:’

class MyClass:

obj = MyClass()

# type() example
print( type( obj))    # Output: <class '__main__.MyClass'>

# instance() example
print( isinstance(obj, MyClass))    # Output: True
print( isinstance(obj, object))     # Output: True
print( isinstance(obj, int))        # Output: False

Here we can see in the above example where the return of type(obj)  is the name of the class from where it belongs to whereas the answer of isinstance(obj, int) is returning false which only means it is not the intent of that class.



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