What Are Iterator, Iterable, And Iteration?

In this post, we will learn What are iterator, iterable, and iteration, where all three terms are related to the iteration which simply means processing, Looping, or going through the whole of the items in the case of a list when we go through all of its elements is known as iteration and this process, is called as iteration, which is nothing but the verb and the object of this verb or we can say the object or the entity where we can iterate we call it as iterable and the tool by which we iterate is called as an iterator, All of these are explained below in detailed



When we go in a sequence to get a particular object then the object or entity which is responsible to produce or bring the next value is known as an iterator take an example where we go through all the elements of a list using for loop so, in this case, we are using for loop as a tool to go through all the elements so here for loop is a known as Iterator where we are dealing with the getting new or next value in sequence and this task is done bu for loop so that is nothing but defined as it is in this example.

To learn more about and clear the doubt related to it have a look at the example given below and understand what it could be.


It refers to the object used for iteration let’s take the previous example where we had taken the loop as it which is used for iterating the list and that case that list which we are iterating is known as the iterable and the list is iterated so we are accessing each element of the list one by one which is nothing but going through each element present in the list.


It is nothing but going through all the elements present in the list and this process of getting every element with the help of any of the loops we call it the iteration. An example of the same has been given below where we can see how to iterate every element and go through all the elements we want to go through.

# Create an Variable object (a list of numbers)
my_list = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

# Create an variable from the Variable object
my_variable = iter( my_list)

# Loop over the variable using a for loop
for item in my_variable:

Here we are iterating the list my list with the help of for loop where we explained everything above.



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