What Are “named tuples” in Python?

In this post, we will learn more about What “named tuples” in Python it is nothing but a subclass of a regular tuple with a limitation as it has a fixed set of fields and there each field has a name. Which makes it easy to navigate and access the data and an intuitive way to way to represent the simple data.



In this type of tuple as we know is defined using a name tuple where we use a collection module for the same condition. where in this case there are two arguments that the function is accepting for execution and get it implemented we have given an example below which could directly be used.

from collections import name tuple

# Define a name tuple called 'Person' with fields 'name', 'age', and 'gender'
Person = named tuple(' Person', ['name', 'age', 'gender'])

# Create a new instance of the name tuple
p1 = Person( name='Alice', age=30, gender='female')

# Access the fields of the name tuple
print( p1.name)   # Output: Alice
print( p1.age)    # Output: 30
print( p1.gender) # Output: female

In the above example, we define a name tuple called a person with three fields: Name, age, and gender We create a new instance of the named tuple by passing in values for each of the fields. We can then access the fields using dot notation.

As per rules The name tuple are similar to the regular tuple or we can say the tumble we use for regual usage in that they are immutable and can be accessed using indexing. However, name tuple provide the additional benefit of allowing you to access fields by name, which can make your code more readable and self-documenting.

Moreover, we can add a few more things like name tuple and also provide some built- in methods, such as _as dict and replace, that make it easy to convert name tuple to dictionaries or to create newly name tuple with modified field values.

And here as a conclusion, we can say that name tuple are a useful tool in Python for representing simple data objects in a concise and intuitive way.


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