What Roles Are Available in MongoDB By Default?

In this tutorial, we will learn What roles are available in MongoDB by default where MongoDB has several roles which are built in that give access to the database and the resources at different levels.



As there are several roles offered by the MongoDB database Management System where the user can have several entries as per the requirements and here we are going to discuss different Roles which a user could be assigned for using the database by MongoDB:

  1. read: Provides read-only access to a database or collection. In this is general for the person who does not have to do anything with management only information needs to reach there irrespective of the what data is it. And when we do only want to make the data available to the user and the user can not edit or make any changes to it.
  2. read- write: It is given to the person who is responsible for adding the information to the database Provides read and write access to a database or collection.
  3. db Admin: It is said to be the ]head of the database ho has the rights to change the it of different users and can edit the rights or roles. Provides administrative access to a database, allowing the user to manage users, roles, and other database-level operations.
  4. user Admin: Provides administrative access to a database’s user and role management operations.
  5. clusterAdmin: Provides administrative access to a MongoDB cluster, allowing the user to manage nodes, shards, and other cluster-level operations.
  6. backup: Here it is a place where we keep storing the data for future use and where we store the data for keeping it as emergency cases, Provides access to perform backups of a MongoDB deployment.
  7. restore: When we need to get the data that was already stored at a different place and we simply need to get that data as it is so that we do not require to make the data again for such cases we use the restore it, which Provides access to perform restores of a MongoDB deployment.
  8. root: It is Nothing but the place or we can say root place where the information about database is keptĀ  Provides full administrative access to a MongoDB deployment, allowing the user to perform any operation on any database or collection.


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