Why Java is platform independent?

Here we will Learn Why Java is platform- independent? Asjava converts their code into bytecode with the help of a virtual machine that we call java Virtual Machine or (JVM) so that it can be run on any machine or platform as bytecodes can be understood by each and every machine in this world.


Java Virtual Machine

Bytecodes are effective platform independence as every machine in this world runs on binary codes or we can say all the machines in this world understands only binary languages and bytecode is easiest and nearest to be converted by binary code to be executed or to understand by machine,.

Converting what we care about writing into bytecode makes the machine understand, And in return, the bytecode developed by the machine as of result needs to be converted into programing language or language that a user understands.

All these tasks are being done by a virtual machine that we call JVM or Java Virtual Machine.

This feature of java standout it among all the other programming languages at that time which was the main publicity of java and most developers are using it as their first choice and being used in almost every gadget from TV remotes to complex software and operating software.

To Understand it in a better way we can see how all the programming languages need special treatment on every machine whereas in the case of java, it is the same for every platform so it is widely used globally and developers like to code in java due to its evolution and upgradations in it with time.


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