Python | Why Do People Write usr/bin/env Python On The First Line Of Python Script?

In this post, we will learn Why do people write #!/usr/bin/env python on the first line of a Python script where it is a shebang or hashbang which has a very specific use for specifying the interpreter that should be used for running the scrip.


First Line(usr/bin/env) In Python Script

In Python script we write this line as the first line of code as during we run a script on different operating systems Unix-like operating systems (such as Linux or macOS) any of them from the command line or terminal, the shell reads the shebang line at the beginning of the file and uses the interpreter which used for specified in the line run the script.

Here each word in the statement has a specific thing to do which we have explained below to understand it better.

Like ‘#!’ is just for indicating as this shows that the line followed by these symbols are not normal statements but they are shebang lines that need to be executed differently.

#!/usr/bin/env python

print("Hello, world!")

When this script is executed, the operating system will use the python interpreter that’s in the user’s environment to execute the script. If the user has multiple versions of Python installed, the system will use the default version specified in the path environment variable.

‘/usr/bin/env’ is nothing but the path or location to the env program which we have stored in our local machine in the python folder during installing the python and in simple words it it the location of the path we entered in the environment variable in control panel in case of the window.

And last ‘python’ is the interpreter we are using in case of what exactly we want to execute when we actually needed the things to execute and here we can write the latest version of Python as if we are using Python 3 then we need to write python3 as to specifying case of different versions installed in the machine.

Even we can modify the path of Shebang if we are using the virtual environment as it needs the latest location of the folder we stored.



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