What Is A Cross-Platform Way The Get The Home Directory?

In this post, we will learn What is a cross-platform way to get the home directory which we can perform using ‘os. path. expander user() function to get it done and to get the path of the current user, And the same method is known as the cross- platform method which has an advantage as it could be used at any of the platforms we want to use or any of the operating system to use.




Being an advantage of using at any of the platforms it is one of the most popular methods to get the name of current users we want to get and for the same, we have given an example below to understand the concept and implement it when we actually need to implement in our machine. Keep in mind it is independent of the operating system as we can use it (The same) method to get the name of the current user as want.

import os

home_dir = os.path.expanduser( "~")
print( home_dir)

Here we use it through the os module that we imported in the bringing of the code and here as we can we also use the ‘~’ symbol which is nothing but the current user’s path where the use of os. path. expend user() function replaces the ‘~’ symbol with the actual path to the home path.

Although we also have another method to get the same thing done using the path.the home() method which needs to be imported from the pathlib library. And for the same, we have given an example of where we get the path of the current path which we actually need in this case. We can simply implement the same in our machines when we need

from pathlib import Path

home_dir = str( Path.home())
print( home_dir)

The Path. home() method returns a Path() object representing the home path of the current user. By calling the str() function on the path object, we convert it to a string that contains the path to the home directory.

The thing we need to keep in mind here is this method works only for the latest Python 3.5 and above versions and is also cross-platform. It’s worth noting that the Pathlib module provides a more object-oriented way of working with paths than the os module, which provides a more procedural method.



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