How To Parse XML And Get Instances Of A Particular Node Attribute?

In this post, we will learn How to parse XML and get instances of a particular node attribute which we are going to do with the element tree module which is a standard library.


Parse The XML File

As there we are going to parse and get instances of a Particular node and for implementing the same we have given an example of code here which we can implement as per our choice.

  <item name= "apple" price="0.50" />
  <item name= "banana" price="0.25" />
  <item name= "orange" price="0.75" />
  <item name= "pear" price="0.60" />

where we are using the following code to parse the XML file and get instances of the name attribute:

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

tree = ET.parse(' items.xml')
root = tree. getroot()

# Find all instances of the `name` attribute
names = [elem.get( 'name') for elem in the root.find all('.//item')]

# Print the list of names
print( names)

The ET.parse() function is used to parse the XML file and tree. get root () returns the root element of the XML file. The root. find all () method finds all instances of the item element, and the list comprehension names = [elem. get(‘name’) for elem in the root. find all (‘.//item’)] is used to create a list of all the name attributes found in the XML file. The above code will result in the output which is given below.

['apple', 'banana', 'orange', 'pear']

You can modify the code to get instances of other attributes by changing the attribute name in the elem. get() method.

we can also do the same and there are other ways to parse XML and extract nodes with a particular attribute in different programming languages for same we have given an example to get to know more and understand it.

from lxml import etree

# load the XML document
tree = etree. parse( 'example.xml')
root = tree. get root()

# find all nodes with attribute 'name' equal to 'John'
nodes = root. XPath( "//person[@name='John']")

# print the attributes of each node found
for node in nodes:
    print( node.attrib)

In this example, we are using the lxml library to parse the XML document and extract nodes with the attribute name equal to ‘john’ The XPath query //person [@name = ‘John’] selects all nodes named person that have an attribute named name with a value of ‘john’.


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