Difference Between NoSQL and MySQL Databases

Here we will discuss the difference between MySQL and NoSQL where MySQL is a structured Query Language whereas no SQL does not have any predefined structure there is no schema that well defines it where Data is stored in the form of Tables and different rows and columns in the case on MySQL which is not there in case of NoSQL.


These are two different types of databases that store the data in a different manner and here We will draw some differences between both. Where MongoDB is the latest designed to encounter well established community of MYSQL.


It is an RDBMS Relational database management system that stores the data in to form of tables in rows and columns. It has a schema that stores the information of the whole of the data that is stored in the database where and how means which data is stored at which place and how is it stored.

It required a detailed database to create the database where it already has a vast stabilized community. And it is not that easy to edit a well- structured table as it requires changing the whole table.


It is followed in the case of MongoDB where data is stored in the form of documents, But not in arranged form as MySQL stores but is more convenient to edit, add and alter the data, As to add or delete new data we do not require to alter the table and as there is no structured storage so we can edit ant thing without disturbing the Structure of data.

And moreover, as there is no Schema as we do not require to make it structured.

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