How to Delete Everything In A MongoDB Database?

Here we will learn How to Delete Everything In A MongoDB Database where we can delete documents in two ways multiple and drop the whole database where in case of multiple deletions we delete multiple documents in a Drop database we delete the whole database in just one command which we can do using two ways that we will discuss here.


Let’s understand we can delete in both ways.

Delete Many Documents

We can delete a number of documents from the database in to understand it just follows the example given below where we just need to first select the database from where we want to delete the document and give the Many delete command and in brackets give the name of the document you want or delete.

use sample_movies
db.movies.deleteMany( { title: "Dhoom 3" } )

Drop Whole Database

As discussed we can drop the whole database in just one step As there are two ways to drop the database permanent drop and remove to do so follow the example given below.

use used_database;

Here we have used the drop command to delete whole database where all the documents stored in it will be deleted and as a result all the data will be lost.

Using Remove

     justOne: <boolean>,
     writeConcern: <document>,
     collation: <document>,
     let: <document> // Added in MongoDB 5.0

It is somewhat the same as deleting any commands where we can select as many documents of a database to delete all of them in just one go. But in these cases, we do not lose the database. only the selected documents are being deleted and the rest of the database remains as it is.

So it is said to be a safe way to delete documents from the database.

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