Difference Between Cython vs Python?

In this tutorial, we will learn the differences between Cython and Python As in CPython we write the program in C and it is used for compiling the code before giving it to an interpreter whereas, in the case of python, it is simply interpreted -based language. And here we will draw some differences between them.



As It is a compiled language so it is used for compiling the code to bytecode first before taking it to the interpreter and it has an advantage as it allows to use of c/C++ functions and properties to python which enhances the reach of python language and makes it more useful.

CPython is different from Python in many ways including efficiency, Design Goals, Syntax, And applications, As Cpython is a superset of python and features of C/C++.

CPython is maintained by PSF(Python Software Foundation). And used for running python programs or code on all possible platforms like Windows, Linux, and even on MacOS which is nothing but a way to implement the same thing on different conditions machines. So it has the properties of a compiler as a whole in one go and a line-by-line interpreter.

here is a self explanatory example to show a program in Cython

#include <Python.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    // Initialize the Python interpreter

    // Create Python objects representing the two numbers
    PyObject *num1 = PyLong_FromLong(5);
    PyObject *num2 = PyLong_FromLong(7);

    // Calculate the sum of the two numbers using Python's built-in addition operator
    PyObject *sum = PyNumber_Add(num1, num2);

    // Convert the result back to a C long integer
    long result = PyLong_AsLong(sum);

    // Print the result
    printf("The sum of %ld and %ld is %ld.\n", PyLong_AsLong(num1), PyLong_AsLong(num2), result);

    // Clean up Python objects and shut down the interpreter

    return 0;




As we know it is simply a programming language that the interpreter the code to execute line by line where as the compiler compiles it as a whole in one go.


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