How Do I Get a Substring Of A String In Python? | Python Tutorial

In this Python Tutorial, we will talk about How Do I Get a Substring Of A String In Python, we can get a substring of any length from a string using a different method of slicing and also by using the in-build function of python.

String In Python

String in PythonThe string is an immutable value that can not be edited but we can always get a substring out of the String using slicing. It is a non Primitive data type which is a driven data type.

So for getting the substring from a string we need to perform slicing string is immutable which means we can not edit is or make any changes in the data it will be always the same as it was during the declaration and definition.

But of course, we can always get a specific substring and we can display the desired output as we want.

Different ways to get Substring From String

We can get the substrings in different ways like Slicing using the inbuild function.

Different Types Of Slicing

>>> x = "Hello World!"
>>> x[2:]
Answer - 'llo World!'
>>> x[:2]
Answer- 'He'
>>> x[:-2]
Answer- 'Hello Worl'
>>> x[-2:]
Answer- 'd!'
>>> x[2:-2]
Answer- 'llo Worl

As we can see how different permutations and combinations can be applied to slice the String and get the substrings.

You can learn more about slicing at Slicing in python and get a clear idea of slicing, how a string could be sliced, and get the desired output. We can get a substring from a string. It is used to trim the string and get the output as you want.

Syntax of using substring in build function – S = substr(s, beginning, length)

here we can see we can provide the beginning substring and the length of the substring that we want to display. There are different kinds of slicing.

We can have slicing by hoping the elements as per our requirement for example-

x[a:b:c] here a is the starting index of the string from where we need to start selecting the substring, b is the number of next b indexes till that index it is going to select And here c indicates the hoping means selecting the characters on leaving c elements or we can say all the cth element in between a and b will be selected.

Note- We can not edit the string we can only display a substring that we want to. As a string is an immutable value that can neither be edited nor be added or deleted.

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