GROUP BY | How We Can Use MySQL Query GROUP BY?

In this tutorial, we will Find out How We Can Use MySQL Query GROUP BY as a group is used to display the result of the table in a grouped manner means grouping the same data in one set to display.



This clause is always used with some function like sum, max, min, etc which is used for making a set of similar records while printing so that it will be easy to get similar information in one place in large tables.

This clause is always used after the ‘From’ clause and before ‘having’, ‘order by’, and ‘limit’. where we can also use order by for sorting the data in an older or our choice either ascending or descending orders. and having is used for checking the condition of containing or not from a live list.

To get a clear idea of implementation follow the example given below.

SELECT column1, SUM(column2)
FROM table_name

Here the result of this command will be as per the classes means all the students of the same class will be in the same place some think like that.

The above code will result in displaying coulum1 and column 2 with the sum of each group in a class. It will display the sum of each class at the end from table table_name.

Most of the time it is used for getting the sum or average of a given group where each group needs to have something to make some calculations like sum, Average, max, min, etc.


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