How do I see all foreign keys to a table or column?

In this Tutorial, we will learn How to see all Foreign Keys to a table or column in MySQL a foreign key is a column or group of columns used for establishing a relation between two tables during extracting the data from two tables it provides a filter to get the data that we want.

Also foreign is nothing but a primary key of another table which is in relation to one table we extract the data from both tables. It is just used to get the data of relevant records which are matched with a primary key of table one.

foreign keys

Foreign Keys

A foreign key is nothing but a column or a set more columns which are used for setting a link between two tables in Relational Database Management System. And the link is established only when there exists a common primary key in two tables and for table one, The primary key of Table two is a foreign key.

To see all the foreign keys in the table we just need to execute a query given below and it will display all the foreign keys present there.

WHERE REFERENCED_TABLE_NAME = 'your_referenced_table_name'
AND TABLE_NAME = 'your_table_name';

Here we are using information schema to get the information of keys of the table but we can also get the list of all the columns with their specifications like primary key, not Null, auto increments, etc do follow the code given below and understand how you can get the information of the table.

SHOW CREATE TABLE your_table_name;

It will also show all the foreign keys in the table.


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