How do I Drop A MongoDB Database From The Command Line?

In this tutorial, we will learn How to Drop A MongoDB Database From The Command Line to do so we can directly use the drop command to delete the whole database.


Drop A MongoDB Database

Drop a database means deleting a database permanently from a well defined database. And to drop permanently by a single command we use the drop command to do so. Let’s go with the example given below and try to understand how it works.

And drop command is used with full of precaution as it is a User Management Command that deals with the structure of the database and it might lead to the permanent deletion of the whole of the structure in just one command.

So it is advised to use these commands very carefully. And the example says.

 use mydb; 
> db.dropDatabase();

Here first we use the database mydb which is a necessary command to start using any of the databases and using the command use we can start using the database and after that, we have to give the name of the database that we want to use for any purpose.

And here we used mydb database, and after that drop command where we simply gave the db.drop database and the whole database is being deleted in just one go.

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