How To Query MongoDB With “like”?

In this Tutorial, we will learn How to query MongoDB with “like” which is used for finding the match for a string or a substring that might be present in a full string which could be there.


To Query MongoDB With “like”

We use like statements to find a match in between a substring or a word with a full string. We can use it for appearing at a specific location or some time at any of the given locations.

To learn how it works and get a clear idea of it use the example given below.

db.users.find({"name": /m/})

Here we can see it used for checking the m in the name string where we can see how a substring or character (m) is used for checking in a full string (name) And it is case sensitive and to make it case insensitive we use I alphabet at the end.

For example, follow the example given below for case insensitive.

db.users.findOne({"name" : /M/i});

Here the given example is used for checking case- insensitive character

For doing the same thing in SQL we use the following Code

SELECT * FROM users  WHERE name LIKE '%m%'

here also we use % which means there can be any number of characters and if % is used before the character it means there can be n number of characters before m and it is used after character which means there can be any number of character after m in a given string.

So if there, both side of the character is % then the character we are looking for is somewhere in between in the string given but the exact place is not defined.

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