How can I convert JSON to CSV?

In this tutorial, we will learn How can I convert JSON to CSV which need to do using two of the modules in python which are json and CSV and can easily convert them to CSV files same we have given an example code below for more useful in a short and well- designed manner.



To convert JSON file into a CSV file to get the data we need to follow the code given below and direct;ly execute on your machine as it self explanatory and complete to use.

import json
import csv

# Open the JSON file and load the data
with open(' data. json', 'r') as json_ file:
    data = json. load(json_ file)

# Open a CSV file and write the data
with open(' data. csv', 'w', newline='') as csv_file:
    writer = csv. writer( csv_ file)

    # Write the header row
    writer. writerow( data[0]. keys())

    # Write the data rows
    for row in data:
        writer. writerow( row. values())

Here in the given code first we have imported the modules which we need are json and csv and after that, we simply load the json file which we want to convert to csv. And After loading the same we can write the data into the file as per our choice where I used csv. write a method to write in it.

And after writing the header we can write the data in rows and columns where data is stored as per our choice. And after writing the data in it we can extract the file as a CSV file.

As we know to convert a json file into csv file we need to change the structure of the file as the difference between them is only for the way the data is stored in both files here we have changed the structure of the file by adding the header and making rows and column so the file is converted in the form of csv although we can convert the extension letter at the time of extraction of file and here i simply changed the structure of json file.

The main difference between the two files is the structure in which ways we store the data which is now changed so we can now extract the files as per choice that was csv file.


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