What is a mixin and why is it useful?

In this tutorial we will learn What is a mixin and why is it useful as in OOPs( Objective oriented programming) that is used for mixing in other classes. Or in other words, we can say it is used as it gives a set of common properties or functionality to all the classes which are mixed up or we can say all the classes share the common properties of each other when we mix in the classes.


It is said to be very useful for code reusability as it helps in reusing the code written in one class in another class and it does not require inheriting the class in any way. It also brings additional properties, or functionality to the class from different other classes as we want to use the things from different other classes.


It is a way to add new features of another class to the subclass so that it could be used for generating some more useful output with the help of using the functionality of som there class to enhance the reach of the subclass.

It is also useful as it helps in getting the property of some other classes by multiple inheritances which is nothing but implementing multiple inheritances without using inheritance as multiple inheritances is not supported in pythons and java as it leads to an error that we call ambiguity error so we can do it u=in this way.

Although we can implement multiple inheritances using the interface it is a more useful way to do the same thing. Here we will see some examples and a sample code to implement the same in our system.

class LoggerMixin:
    def log( self, message):
        print( f"{ self.__class__.__name__}: {message}")

class Person( LoggerMixin):
    def __init__( self, name):
        self .name = name

person = Person( "Alice")
person. log( "Hello, world!")

In the given example we have a class named logger mixin for getting the logs from log messages, and a person class which is inherited from logger mixin. By creating the object of the person class we can use the messages from the log where the log is not a member of the person class.

It is generally used when we know certain functionality we need to use in different other classes. And to fulfill that we can simply Mixin the class with the required class to get that functionality.


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