How Do I Print To Stderr In Python?

In this post, we will learn How to Print to stderr in Python as for printing stdrr we use the ‘sys’ module of Python which we need to import and also provides access to some of the variables that are used and maintained by an interpreter or to the functions which are closely working with an interpreter and at the end, we use ‘sys. stderr. write()’ built in function to get it done.


Print Stderr

For the use of the same and printing here we have given an example to show how we can use ‘sys. stderr. write()’ And for the follow the example given below.

import sys

sys.stderr.write(" Error: Something went wrong.\n")

In this example, the ‘sys. stderr. write()’ function is used to write the error message “Error: Something went wrong.” to stderr, The /n character is used to add a new line after the error message. A few things which we need to keep in mind here are like ‘sys. stderr. write()’ could not add a new line automatically at the end of the line so here we ( manually need to include it by ourselves if we want to display the message at the new line every time.

As always we know we can use the print() function to write to stderr where we need to specify the file parameter as ‘sys. stderr. And for the same, we have given an example below to explain and get it done by understanding the concept with examples.

import sys

print(" Error: Something went wrong.", file= sys.stderr)

In this example, given above the print() the function is used for writing the error message “Error: Something went wrong.” to stderr. The file parameter is set to sys. stderr to specify that the output should go to stderr.

One more thing we need to keep in mind here is and note is that you can also redirect stderr to a file or a stream using the sys. stderr variable. For example, you can redirect stderr to a file And for the same, we have given an example to understand it better and get it done and implement. :

import sys

with open(' error.log', 'w') as f:
    sys.stderr = f
    print(' Error: Something went wrong.', file=sys.stderr)




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