Proper Way To Declare Custom Exceptions in Modern Python?

In this post, we will learn more about the Proper way to declare custom Exceptions in modern Python where we can inherit the properties of the exception class to design a custom exception class to catch any custom exceptions, to learn have a look at example given below.


Custom Exceptions

Custom inheritance is nothing but a way to manage the probable errors in our project where we deal with then catching the customized errors which we can predict that could occur when we need and the program pseudo code for the same has been listed here which we can directly use for implementation in our project

class MyCustomException( Exception):
    def _init_( self, message):
        self.message = message

    def _str_( self):
        return f"MyCustomException: {self. message}"

Here we have used my custom exception in the above- given example which is defined as a new class that inherited the properties from built in function exception. And here the constructor  ‘__init__ is used for taking the input as the argument and storing all as an instance variable which we can use for our future reference. And here we also use the __str__ method for returning a String Which is nothing but the message we want to display as the exception has occurred.

After occurring the exception we could go ahead with raising the exception in our code though instantiating an instance of my custom exception and we can pass the message as we want and for a message, we have given an example below to get it done.

raise my custom exception( " Something went wrong")

And the above line of code is enough to show the message as something went wrong when the customized error has occurred.

For declaring custom exceptions we need to keep certain things in mind which are listed here like.

  1. We need to define and inherit the exception class which is built in.
  2. Provide a meaningful name and add an appropriate docstring to describe what the custom exception does
  3. We need to define the subclass of exceptions for handling more specified errors.




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