How Do I Query Between Two Dates Using MySQL?

In this post, we will discuss How to query between two dates using MySQL which we can perform using between the operator along with the date function, However, we need to keep the date format as standard. It is nothing but just a way to get the data of all the records where in the date column we have entered the date in the range of a given range of date.


Between Two Date

Here we have given an example where I have given an example for getting the rows between given two dates in a table. The query given below could be used for getting the complete records of rows where the date column has the date which lies in between the range of dates given by between the operator in the query. We have taken an example for the same to complete implementation look at the example given below.

SELECT * FROM table_ name
WHERE date_ column BETWEEN DATE(' start_ date') AND DATE(' end_ date');

The above syntax could be used for the same, where replace the table name with the name of your table, the Date column with the name of the column that contains the dates, and the Start date and end date with the dates you want to query between. Make sure the dates are in the format yyyy- mm- dd.

And here we have also given an example of the same. where we have my table has a column as my date column and with a formate of yyyy -mm -dd

SELECT * FROM my_ table
WHERE my_ date_ column BETWEEN DATE('2022-01-01') AND DATE('2022-03-31');

It the above code will return all the records where my date column is between January 1st, 2022, and March 31st, 2022. As we print the output we need to keep certain things in mind as keeping the format of the date in mind so that we could get the results per our requirements, Otherwise, it might lead to producing a wrong result as it encounters the wrong formate or different format.

Here we simply compare two dates and apply required operation to get the result stored in or display.




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